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After breaking up with my boyfriend, I was really afraid because he threatened to take my dog. He could have done it, too, because he had a key to my apartment. I called Locksmiths Wow on a Saturday, hoping they could change my locks on Monday. I was even ready to call in sick to work to do it. I was surprised to find out that they had expert locksmiths available to provide their services even on weekends, so within the day, they had an expert locksmith with me, changing the locks on my door. He was courteous and professional, and he worked really fast. He finished in about an hour, and charged very little. Afterward, I could already feel safer knowing that my locks were changed by Locksmiths Wow.

Robert Jeter

When I bought my new car from my dealer, I was surprised to discover that he only gave me one set of keys. That hardly seemed prudent, as it could easily get lost or even break, since it was a keyless remote type. They told me it would cost upwards of a $300 to get an extra key made, so I decided to just ask Locksmiths Wow to do it for me. They used the key the dealer had given me and made an extra set of keys, satisfying my piece of mind. They did it quickly and within the day I asked them to do it. When it was all done, I ended up spending around half of what my dealer claimed I needed to spend.

Erica Cha

In what was probably one of the most unprofessional moments of my life, I left the keys inside the store when I locked up for my boss the night before. Luckily, I had arrived half an hour before I was supposed to open, so I called Locksmiths Wow right away. Within 20 minutes, he was with me in front of the store. In less than 10 minutes, he picked the lock and got me in. It was relatively cheap considering I might have lost my job if my boss had found out. My boss arrived a few minutes after he left, and he was none the wiser. Locksmiths Wow is a lifesaver, and I can’t ever thank them enough for it.

Dawn Thomas

My family recently experienced having someone break into our home and rob us of a few valuables. We were quite heartbroken as a lot of these had sentimental value. We wanted to make sure this never happened again, so we called Locksmiths Wow to see if they could improve the locks on our home. It was then that we learned that intruders and other lock pickers have a much easier time with old locks, like the decade-old locks that failed to protect our home. The expert from Locksmiths Wow changed all our locks to more recent models, and we were able to better recover from the break-in. Our only regret is not calling Locksmiths Wow up sooner, so that they could have prevented the break-in from happening in the first place.

Thomas Davis

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